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20 May

Silhouette vs eClips – Which is your preference?

Recently, I just attend a eClips sessions at Made With Love to see how an eClips perform. I have already own an Silhouette SD Digital Cutter, so the main objective for me is to see what the main difference in terms of functionality of the machine & software.  None of the company pays me to promote their machine, it is purely my personal experience when I used the machine.

For more info about Silhouette –

For more info about eClips –

Both machines need to have a stick cutting mat to place your paper on top so it won;t move when cuts. However for 1st time use the mat can be super sticker & u have dfficulties to remove it off. Nevertheless over the time when the mat becomes less sticky your paper do not adhere well, the paper moves and the cut out shape is off. And I start to get frustrated.

For looks, Silhouette Cameo wins.

First, let’s start with the cutting funtionality – how well each of the Machine cuts.

eClips – I am impress with the fine details it can cut & even the shape is small it cuts out vey well. When I say small pattern, I mean like 1cm by 3cm.

Silhouette – I try cutting small image (3cm x 4cm), like a vines leaf, it cuts out relatively well. But not as fine cut  as eClips.

My verdict – eClips wins

Print & Cut Functions

During the eClips session, we didn’t try out the Print and Cut function. eClips does allow you to have your digital image to print it out from your home printer with helps of registration mark  and send it to eClips to cut out.

Both machines have these capabilitiy.

One thing you needed to take note is that you needed to have a “cutting outlines” the image  before you are able to cut it. Both Silhouette Studio and CAL (software by eClips)  softwares has such capability.

Instead of cutting, Use Pen to sketch out the shape

Both of them has the function to hold any of your pens or markers and sketch it out the pattern. You will need to purchase a Pen holder.

Silhouette has a range of  it own colour sketch pens.

Type of Materials it can cuts

I am quite impressed that eClips can cut thin chipboard. Let’s see beside paper they can cut vinyl, paper, thin chipboard/grunge board, thin handicraft metal sheet, transparencies, Stencil film. Almost any material that is 0.5 millimeter thick or less. Read more from Sizzix of the material it can cut –

Silhouette can vinyl papers, fabric (use with fabric interfacing sheet), heat transfer material, temporary tattoo paper, wood paper to transparencies. It can make rhinestone pattern & then you use a tools to adhere to it.
I have yet to try out to cut on transparencies, I shall give a try later and let you know is it possible 🙂

Read more from Silhouette of the material it can cuts –

I will discuss more about the software for each Machine is next post.


Suitcase gift box

20 Apr

luggage gift box

Suitcase Gift box – Using Sizzix suitcase die, Sizzlits Decorative Strips. Created this simple & customised gifts for my boy Teacher’s Day gifts. Inside the box I filled with chocolate & a Camomile tea-bag. And tied with ribbon (creations date: sep-2010)